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here's some bonus material from other artists that submitted for ebc007, we couldn't include everyone in the show so we decided to showcase their work online. Scroll down to view, with a little bit of info from the artists' very mouths.

LJ @ ebc

Excerpt from '1000 Foundlings Find Their Mothers' from lexi on Vimeo.

lexi strauss' excerpt from '1000 foundlings find their mothers'

"Collaborating with composers and actors, I sometimes create theatrical installations, which allow my paintings to collectively narrate stories and sing using animated projections. This film is an excerpt from ‘The 1000 Foundlings Who Found Their Mothers’- ‘A well documented, influential, post-industrial, pre-enlightenment movement, led by scores of the socially abandoned who took laughter as their mother’, which collapsed because…‘no concrete evidence yet existed for the movement's social efficiency’.

The surreal narrative is driven by a mix of people and animals. It climaxes in a choral arrangement of a Sephardic folk lullaby (containing a bitter message), which is sung by a whole wall of paintings- an array of odd, clownish groups, including Kate Bush and philosopher Martin Heidegger on a Carousel Ride, and a group of breast-feeding businessmen. Set against this, somberly facing one another are two life-sized paintings of Foundling wheels. The first dates from 18th century Italy. The second contemporary device, a ‘Babyklappe’, is an efficient stainless steel hatch with graphic instructions."

andy nizinskyj's 'everything is bright' (2016)

"Everything is Bright, uses high definition — and almost indistinguishable — hyperreal computer generated footage, and candidly wistful monologue, to question reality through the lived virtual existence of the video game whilst bringing to light its inescapable banes of isolation, withdrawal and addiction. Whether through gaming, or more broadly through social media and the ways in which it permeates all corners of our lives, Everything is Bright scrutinises the ways in which immaterial worlds and experiences, intended to cushion the harsh reality of the wider world, can become alienating and disaffecting."

anja malec's parallellogram #5